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The Remnants Of This 19th-Century Mining Camp In Nevada Are Intriguing And You’ll Want To Explore Th

Nevada is full of dilapidated old mining camps that were abandoned decades ago to succumb to the effects of time. However, the particular ex-mining town featured below may just be one of the most fascinating. Full of century-old structures and even rusted old mining equipment, it’s easy to picture the town’s residents just getting up to leave one day and never coming back. History enthusiasts should definitely give this place a visit, but really, this is a fascinating destination that is capable of mesmerizing anyone. Take a look:

Most Nevadans probably know Berlin–Ichthyosaur State Park for protecting a trove of undisturbed ichthyosaur fossils. However, there's another region of this part that is just as worth exploring: the Berlin Historic District.

The Berlin Historic District encompasses the abandoned remnants of the ghost town known as Berlin. The camp is home to dozens of old and dilapidated structures that look like they might fall down at any moment. There's a lot of history here. You can almost feel it.

The town of Berlin was established in 1897 after the opening of the Berlin Mine. And yes, it was named after that Berlin (the one in Germany). Although the town showed promise at first, it never really prospered as much as other boom towns like Tonopah or Goldfield.

that Berlin (the one in Germany). Although the town showed promise at first, it never really prospered as much as other boom towns like Tonopah or Goldfield.

Things began to get worse at the turn of the century. Decline sped up following the Panic of 1907—a U.S. financial crisis that took place for three weeks—and the town was mostly abandoned by 1911.

The townspeople may have left but they left plenty behind for us to remember them by. Some of the most well preserved structures are the mine supervisor's house, the assay office, and the machine shop. The town was officially added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1971 to keep the town's preservation in place.

The most impressive structure by far is the 30-stamp mill which has been reinforced so you can safely take a look inside. You can almost see and hear the machines in action, although they've been silent for decades.

Berlin can be considered a true Nevada ghost town. Visitors are welcome to stroll through the old townsite and peer into the dusty windows to see for themselves what life was like in an early mining town such as this one.

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