Back to Work and Thankful!

After a fabulous week at the conference in San Diego it's back to a normal week in Real Estate in Las Vegas. Coming off the conference I am more motivated with ideas than I have been in a while and I look forward to implementing these ideas 2016.

My biggest issue this week has been the new lending laws. I know that these laws are protecting the consumer and I am grateful, but as a Realtor it's just going to take a bit of getting use to. The time restraints are the bigget obstacle but again, in 6 months when this is "normal" it will be a positive thing for my clients.

Our monthly office meeting at 1844 Properties also provided much motivation and reminded me that I'm not alone in this! Our office is amazing and I am very lucky to be working with the strong, powerful group of women that I have been blessed with.

As we are approaching Thanksgiving this week, I am most thankful for my family that is there for me, always in my corner and supporting me every step of the way. They all know that Real Estate truly is the one thing I know in life and it brings me joy, besides them of course! With cooking also being one of the top things that make me happy, I am looking forward to a great holiday with my family and friends (that I consider family).

May everyone have a beautifuly Thanksgiving with your family and friends.

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