Several massive projects happening on same timeline as Raiders stadium

LAS VEGAS - There are about two more years before the Raiders team will take their place in their home on the Strip. The Raiders stadium is currently being built just west of Mandalay Bay.

The plan is to have it opened by the summer of 2020. But, that's not the only project keeping construction crews busy on the Strip.

Further north on Las Vegas Boulevard there are numerous other construction projects taking place during the timeline for the Raiders stadium.

There's the All Net Arena, which isn't too far form the SLS, the Las Vegas Convention Center expansion being built at the site of the old Riviera Hotel and Casino, and and the pending completion of Resorts World to name a few.

In fact, there are some $19 billion in big projects in various stages of planning or construction.

That includes the former Alon or Wynn West site where rough plans are underway, along with the Drew.

But whether or not it'll all be complete by 2020 is still up for discussion.

There are a lot of holes to fill on the north end of the Strip, which is something frequent visitors say sticks out like a sore thumb when they're in town.

Cheryl Bulloch, a frequent visitor: "At least once or twice a year; I've probably been here 20 times plus." Patrick Walker, Reporter: "How often do you come up on this end of the Strip?" Cheryl Bulloch: "Not very often." Patrick Walker, Reporter: "Why don't you come up here very much?" Cheryl Bulloch: "Um, I think it's just more exciting kind of mid-Strip."

But things could soon change because plans have been announced for at least a half-dozen north Strip properties.

"I hate to paint all of them with a single brush, but there's a reason they're moving forward," said Jeremy Aguero, the principal analyst at Applied Analysis.

Aguero says Las Vegas ranks at or near the top of the list in population growth, employment growth, and a strengthening economy, which are all factors that will help southern Nevada as it aims for $50 million or more annual visitors.

"You combine that with the fact that last month we reported an occupancy rate in excess of 90 percent in southern Nevada, and that would certainly suggest that there's increasing demand out there for additional projects," Aguero said.

It's a potential building boom for the Las Vegas valley, but what are the chances some of the projects are a bust?

Vital Vegas founder Scott Roeben says 2020 is not realistic for projects like the Drew, All Net Resort and Arena, Wynn West, formerly known as Alon, and potentially Resorts World.

"It's akin to crossing a river where you think there might be piranha: Nobody wants to go first, and I think a lot of these companies are, they're all watching each other and they're waiting for that critical mass," Roeben said.

The property owners are doing their due diligence with the county, and both experts agree, you'll see more progress on those sites when or if the time is right.

Courtesy of Channel 8 News

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