How Do You String Your Christmas Tree Lights?

People are particular about holiday decorating. There are even 3 schools of thought on how to string Christmas tree lights. What’s yours?

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree, How should I string thee? The holidays always stir up a little controversy when it comes to Christmas tree preferences, like real or fake Christmas trees, and whether you’re a fan of tinsel or garland. But there’s another debate out there: How to string the lights on your tree. People apparently choose one of three methods: Circling, weaving, or wrapping. (Do you have a favorite method? If so, share your method in our comments below.) Lowe’s explains the three differences.

The circler basically wraps lights around an evergreen until they achieve the desired effect. While the video states that this technique starts at the top, I have seen a few maverick circlers start at the bottom. The weavers use a technique that’s brand-new to me. They start off by dividing a tree visually into 3 or 4 triangles. Then they zigzag a strand of lights within each section until the tree is all lit. Wrapping is the most intricate technique and it’s the method I have grown up with. The goal here is to fill the whole Christmas tree with light by wrapping each branch from back to front. While this might sound like a ton of work, if you have a few merry revelers around to chip in, you can knock a tree out quickly. If you’re wondering how many lights you need to execute any of these techniques, the video includes a quick formula based on tree height. FYI, I like real trees and though I never use garland, I prefer it to tinsel. How do you light your tree?

Courtesy of HouseLogic

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