This Christmas Tree Trail In Nevada Is Like Walking In A Holiday Wonderland

Certain parts of our state may not experience “true winter” like the rest of the country, but that doesn’t mean we are lacking on holiday spirit. In fact, Nevadans find ways to get festive no matter what the weather conditions are! There’s one magical spot in our state that holiday enthusiasts are bound to enjoy. Lovingly referred to as “Christmas Tree Pass”, this hidden region in the southern Nevada desert is a wonderful surprise for those who stumble upon it. It’s places like this one that remind us that the holiday spirit is everywhere in our state…you just have to know where to look for it.

Located within Lake Mead National Recreation Area is a unique little area known as Christmas Tree Pass. You'll find it approximately 90 miles from Las Vegas along a road that connects Nevada Route 163 to Laughlin with U.S. Highway 95.

The strange back road boasts breathtaking views of desert and mountain scenery while looping through the rugged wilderness. If you decide to venture along this little-known route, it won't be long before you understand where its unique name came from.

In fact, the region acquired its name from the pgymy forest that's comprised of numerous junipers and pinyons among the rugged scenery. Years back, someone started decorating the trees with leftover Christmas decorations. The tradition continued and you'll likely spot dozens of trees that have been decorated with ornaments or a random assortment of colorful items.

Hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts bring their own decorations to hang among the trees. This way, Christmas Tree Pass is full of holiday spirit all year long! Just remember to leave any potentially hazardous materials at home if you decide to add to the decor. Some decorations can be dangerous for the wildlife that live here.

Christmas Tree Pass is one of those places that sees very little to no traffic, so you can bet you'll probably have the whole place to yourself if you decide to see it.

This quirky destination is a good reminder of the strange things you can find in the Nevada desert. After all, who would've thought that this pass was full of Christmas spirit? Make this a holiday destination and be sure to see it sometime this season!

Did you know about this wonderful Christmas tree trail in our state? This place is such a cool hidden gem!

Courtesy OnlyInYourState

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