5 New Year's Resolutions You'll Want To Keep For Your Home

  • Just a few weeks ago, just like every year, a lot of us were making lists and lists of resolutions, planning new starts and getting ready to take things in a new direction. And chances are, sometime last week, just like every year, a lot of us decided that it was all just too much trouble. Maybe it's the number of changes we try to put on ourselves, or maybe it's the feeling that we have to be constantly on ourselves about sticking with them. But whatever it is, this year is going to be different. This year, I'm here with 5, just 5 resolutions for your home that I know you're going to want to keep. And they're not constant. All you have to do is revisit them a few times over the course of the year to get good results. Interested yet? Great. Here are the 5 resolutions you'll want to keep in your home this year.

  • Clean Room By Room

New Year's is a perfect time to do a deep cleanse of your home. This is mostly because the very start of the year is always about cleaning. You have to clean up the wrapping paper; you have to get rid of the tree; you have to clean up after the party you had to ring in the new year. And since you have to do all of this already, it's easy enough to just keep going. Take it room by room, making sure to tackle the rooms that have the highest foot traffic first. Scrub, vacuum, rinse, and repeat until your home looks like brand new again.

  • Purge Your Spaces

Cleaning is always a great place to start, but creating real change in your home will require you to take it a step further and purge some of the things you don't need. At first, this can seem a little daunting, but take my advice and be relentless. Look at it is way: If something hasn’t seen the light of day for an entire year (or more), then you've spent an entire year proving to yourself that you don't really need it. The important part about this step is to be methodical. Don't just start ripping open closets and drawers and pulling everything out. You'll wear yourself out much sooner than you think, and the pile of things that will end up sitting on the floor is more likely to discourage than encourage you. Instead, use the same plan you had when cleaning and go a room at a time. The process will take a little longer, but it will be much more manageable and far more likely to reach completion.

  • Donate What You Can

After the purging process, label and make two piles - one for items that you will throw out and one for pieces that you will donate. I can't stress enough how important it is to donate, especially in the winter months when those in need can use your contributions the most. So as you're cleaning and purging, take a second to reconsider throwing out old, worn blankets or a slightly used coat and instead donate them to someone in need.

  • Bring Fresh Flowers Home

This may sound like a little thing, but you'll be surprised at the impact that a range of fresh flowers can have on each and every room of your home. Compared to some of the other options, florals are among the least expensive makeovers you can bring to a space. Finding the right colors, heights and arrangements can really complement the existing decor in your rooms. And the right plants can do anything from cleaning the air to providing at home aromatherapy to lift your mood or help you relax.

  • Plan For This Year And Next

Because none of the these resolutions are things you have to do every day - or even every month - one of the best ways to make sure that you'll come back to them is to plan them out in advance. Decide the order you'll clean your rooms in or spread your purging attack over a couple of months. In fact, now is the perfect time to plan not just for this year but - and I know this might sound crazy - for the upcoming holiday season as well. Every holiday season is a mixed bag of things that we loved and things that we hope will never happen again. Take some time now, while it's all still fresh in your mind to think about how you'd like to handle things next time around. Consider whether you had enough chairs, or if the dining room carpet got trashed because you put the bar cart next to the kid's table. Jotting down a few notes at the beginning of this year is sure to help save you some headaches at the end.

Courtesy of The Spruce

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