Magic Is Brewing At This Harry Potter Themed Coffee Shop In Nevada

Calling all Potterheads! There’s a Harry Potter-themed coffee shop here in Nevada and it might just be the most magical place to grab a cup o’ joe. Featuring themed decor and beverages, this place will make you feel like you’ve stumbled right into the wizarding world. Whether you’re a fan of the iconic franchise or you just love a good cup of coffee, this coffee shop is a must-visit.

Harry Potter took the world by storm over two decades ago, and people still can't seem to get enough of the beloved franchise. In fact, there's a Harry Potter-themed coffee shop here in Nevada that every Potterhead worth their salt needs to visit ASAP.

Bad Owl Coffee first opened in Henderson in 2016. It wasn't long before there were lines out the door full of people waiting to witness this uniquely inspired coffee shop for themselves.

The coffee shop's theme is apparent from the moment you walk in the door. From the Potter-inspired decor on the walls to the quotes on the tables, this place is just dripping with appreciation for the magical world of Harry Potter.

The 1,400-square-foot coffee shop is compact but boasts plenty of opportunity for Instagram-worthy shots. Simply put, you'll be in paradise if you consider yourself a Potter enthusiast. This quaint shop perfectly embodies the whimsy and magic of the world that J.K. Rowling portrayed in her books.

Don't be fooled into thinking the theme is just a gimmick. In fact, this coffee shop boasts some amazing brews and snacks. On the menu, you'll find selections like nitrogen brewed iced coffee and the Kyoto—a traditional Japanese iced coffee that's been brewed for over 16 hours.

However, their most popular item is the Lavender Latte. It's a must for when you visit, along with the Butter Brew Latte (a butterscotch flavored latte inspired by Harry Potter's Butter Beer).

Even the food options go above and beyond what you'd expect to find at a typical coffee shop. With items like delicious sandwiches, avocado toast, waffles, and cheesecake, this place can also be considered a prime breakfast and lunch spot.

Bad Owl Coffee has successfully brought the magic of the world of Harry Potter to Nevada with this delightful coffee shop. Whether you're a fan or not, you'll find that the coffee and the food make this a must-visit destination.

There are two Bad Owl Coffee locations in Nevada. The one in Henderson can be found at 10575 S. Eastern Ave Suite 160 and the one in Southwest Las Vegas can be found at 8035 S. Rainbow Boulevard Suite 100.

Did you know about this Harry Potter coffee shop in Nevada? This place is like a dream come true for any Harry Potter lover.

Courtesy of OnlyInYourState

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