Here Are 12 Things They Don’t Teach You About Nevada In School

Nevada is well known for many different things. However, many of these things aren’t heavily discussed in the classroom. Listed below are 12 lesser-known facts about Nevada that you may have learned somewhere other than school.

1. Goldfield was once the largest city in Nevada.

2. An estimated 60,000 pounds of shrimp are consumed daily in Las Vegas. This amount is more than the rest of the country combined.

3. In 1949, the oldest skeletons of early men ever found in the U.S. were discovered in Hidden Cave.

4. It's illegal to drive a camel on any highway in Nevada.

5. Many people believe Virginia City is the most haunted town in the U.S.

6. Blue jeans (Levis) were invented by Jacob Davis, a Reno-based tailor.

7. Mark Twain's writing career began at the Virginia City Territorial Enterprise.

8. In 1910, Nevada was the only U.S. state that allowed boxing.

9. An estimated 100 miles of underground shafts and tunnels are on the Comstock.

10. With an annual average of 201 sunny days, Winnemuca is one of the sunniest towns in Nevada.

11. In 1933, construction worker "hard hats" were first invented. These were invented specifically for the Hoover Dam workers.

12. The Las Vegas Strip has more than 75,000 miles of neon.

Which of these facts surprised you?

Courtesy of Only In Your State

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