15 Strange Habits Every Nevadan Will Defend To The Death

Nevadans are an interesting breed. Check out these 15 strange habits specific to the Silver State (that we will defend to the death) and see if you agree.

1. We will relentlessly correct your mispronunciation of our state's name.

For the umpteenth time, it's "Ne-VA-duh" NOT "Ne-VAH-duh." Got it?

2. If it's there, we will climb it.

Given that Nevada is the most mountainous state in the US (yes, really) and chock full of gorgeous state and national parks with spectacular rock formations, we love rock climbing.

3. We agree that Road Work is a season.

Despite the vast differences in weather between the northern mountains and southern desert, we all know that Road Work is a season (it usually replaces Spring.)

4. We believe in ghosts.

The entire state is haunted. From haunted towns like Goldfield and Virginia City to haunted hotels like the Clown Motel in Tonopah to haunted cemeteries, schools, and mines, we definitely dig the paranormal.

5. We think it's perfectly normal to drop a $20 bill in a slot machine while grocery shopping, getting gas, or even filling a prescription.

In fact, when we travel outside of the state, we sense something is amiss when there aren't slot machines everywhere.

6. We drink everywhere thanks to the state's open container laws.

Given Nevada's lax alcohol laws, it is perfectly acceptable to drink in public. The only restrictions are while in a moving vehicle and within a certain distance from such buildings as schools, halfway houses, hospitals, etc.

7. Of course we believe aliens exist.

If we didn't, then why do we have top secret Area 51?

8. We will bet on any and every sporting event.

In addition to, shall we say, "normal" sports betting (such as the Super Bowl), we Nevadans will bet on anything sports related. Who will win the coin toss? Who will score first? How many teeth will hockey players lose in the game? Well, that last one is a bit of a stretch, but you get the picture.

9. We have a very laid-back attitude regarding prostitution.

Oh look, a brothel, yawn. Seriously, given that prostitution is legal throughout the entire state (except for Clark, Washoe, Douglas, and Lincoln counties, as well as Carson City), we pretty much turn a blind eye to it. We also are unfazed by the mass illegal prostitution that goes on in Las Vegas and Reno.

10. We (especially in the southern part of the state) accept this as a "normal lawn."

What's a little brown grass? In the desert, those of us who actually have a lawn and not some xeriscaped rock garden, accept this as normal.

11. We don't like having to go out in the rain.

In addition to the huge flooding possibility due to heavy rains (pictured Las Vegas), most Nevadans have no clue how to drive in precipitation. Better safe than sorry, right?

12. We will camp out in the desert for a week just to burn stuff down.

Actually, there is much more to the annual Burning Man Festival in Black Rock Desert. A week-long festival to commemorate community, arts, civic responsibility, self-expression, and sustainability is concluded by the burning of a huge wooden man or other edifice.

13. We know Elvis is alive.

And we see him everywhere.

14. We whine about tourists (especially from California.)

While we may claim not to like tourists, we do like the money they bring into the state.

15. We love our shrimp cocktails.

The unofficial official Nevada state food, we eat a lot of shrimp cocktails. Seriously, a lot.

Courtesy of OnlyInYourState

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