Pets need a home!

Las Vegas friends....I have a client preparing to sell her home that needs to find new homes for her pets.

Sophia the white one.. She is 10yrs old, Spimone Italiano (Rare Italian Hunting dog) 45lbs. Fixed all shots, Very sweet, very vibrant healthy, knows no strangers, loves everyone, plus other pets. Alot of people think she is a Labradoodle.

Female 6yrs. Fixed, healthy , she is 1/2 Yorkie 1/2 Lasa. Her name is Ferguson after Sara Ferguson the Duchess of York. She gets along with all other household pets and kids.

Last the Male (fixed) black Cat . His name is Mr.T. He is indoor/ outdoor cat. Did not want him to go outside but he uses the Dog door. He is very nice and is not afraid of any dogs plus he is a good "Mouser".

If you know of anyone looking for wonderful pets please share. Call or message me and I can connect you with my client.

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