The 10 Most Unusual Spots In Nevada You Never Knew Existed

There are many unusual spots located throughout Nevada. Some of these are lesser known than others. As a matter of fact, some people aren’t even aware that many of these unusual spots exist. Listed below are 10 of these unusual spots.

1. St. Thomas, Nevada

Founded in 1865, St. Thomas, a Wild West ghost town in Clark County, was once submerged by water and is now exposed because of the recent drought. At its peak, St. Thomas had a population of 500. The town included a school, post office, church, grocery stores and an ice cream parlor. It's quite interesting to witness how a drought can uncover so much of Nevada's little-known history.

2. Fly Geyser

Fly Geyser is located about 20 miles north of Gerlach in Washoe County. What makes this geyser so special is the fact it was created by accident in 1961 during the drilling of a well. It's such a REMARKABLE thing to see!

3. Lunar Crater

Lunar Crater, located in Lunar Crater Volcanic Field near Tonopah, is almost 4,000 ft in diameter, 430 ft deep and more than 400 acres in size. Interesting fact: During the late 1960s, Lunar Crater was used to train astronauts for the Apollo moon missions.

4. Pyramid Lake

Located in Washoe County, Pyramid Lake is a remnant of ancient Lake Lahontan and was once inhabited by the 19th-century Paiute Tribe. Anaho Island is the lake's largest island.

5. Techatticup Mine

Techatticup Mine, located within the Eldorado Canyon, is the oldest, richest and most famous mine in Southern Nevada. This mine stands out from the rest because around $2 million worth of silver and gold is still inside, but it would cost more than that to mine it.

6. Sand Mountain

Located approximately 25 miles east of Fallon, Sand Mountain is two miles long and 600 ft high. Those who own off-highway vehicles can usually be found here on the weekends, tearing up the sand.

7. Thunder Mountain Monument

Thunder Mountain Monument, located in Imlay, features more than 200 sculptures that depict Native American life. It's quite interesting to say the least.

8. Ward Charcoal Ovens

The Ward Charcoal Ovens, located within the Egan Range about 20 miles south of Ely, are approximately 30 ft high and 27 ft in diameter. Built in 1876, these beehive-shaped ovens operated during the years 1876 to 1879; the silver boom years of the Ward mines.

9. Elephant Rock

Elephant Rock, located inside Valley of Fire State Park, features a large, trunk-like arch, giving it its name. This unique rock formation catches many park visitors off guard the moment they see it.

10. International Car Forest of the Last Church

Located in Goldfield, the International Car Forest of the Last Church features more than 40 cars that are stuck nose-down along a dirt road. This unique attraction is definitely art at its FINEST!

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