This Slot Canyon Hike In Nevada Will Make You Feel Like You’ve Been Transported To Another World

The best part about embarking on one of Nevada’s many hiking trails is that feeling of excitement and adventure about what lies ahead. After all, you never really know what amazing landscapes you’ll come across on the trail! This slot canyon hike is the perfect example of the little-known treasures just waiting to be discovered in our state. Located just outside of Las Vegas, this trail leads you into a rugged and gorgeous canyon landscape that looks like something from a different world. Take off on an unforgettable adventure when you complete this hike and lose yourself in the beauty of this magnificent canyon.

Hiding out in the Spring Mountains National Recreation Area is a unique landscape that's begging to be explored. The Kyle Canyon Slots Trail is a must for those that love checking out our state's craziest landscapes, and it's an adventure that'll definitely leave an impression.

To find the trailhead, head north on Highway 95 to Kyle Canyon Road. Turn left and drive approximately 12 miles until you reach Harris Springs Road. Here you'll turn left and start across Kyle Canyon Wash before turning right onto a dirt road.

From here, you'll keep following the road until you come to the trailhead and parking lot. You'll also see the Kyle Canyon Slots in the distance. The canyon hike stretches for just over 4.5-miles, making it the perfect length for a day filled with adventure.

Although just a short drive away from Las Vegas, the canyon landscape is extremely remote. All noise seems to fade away as you embark on the trail, and you'll soon find yourself totally immersed by the majestic beauty of the narrow slots in front of you.

Even on the hottest days, the slot canyon remains perfectly cool and shaded. The further you go along the trail, the more otherworldly the landscape seems to become. You'll find yourself sucking in your belly as the slots narrow to just 30-inches wide in some places!

The trail weaves and winds through the canyon, leading you in between towering canyon walls. It's simply a magical experience. Eventually you'll reach an intersection where hikers can choose to climb out of the canyon or turn back around to the trailhead.

This slot canyon's breathtaking scenery is the result of thousands of years of erosion and geologic activity. Seeing it for yourself is humbling beyond belief, and it's an experience you'll definitely want on your bucket list.

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