The Oldest Place In Nevada Is Hiding In This Little-Known Park And It’s Perfect For A Day Trip

If you’ve ever wondered where Nevada all began, then the little-known park featured here is bound to blow your mind. Located in a town that calls itself the oldest community in all of Nevada, this park marks the exact spot where people first began to settle down here in the Silver State. The park itself is a delightful hidden gem, full of reconstructions, old artifacts, and tons of information the very first “Nevadans”. Visiting it is a must for anybody who loves learning about our state’s fascinating history, so be sure to plan a family day trip to the oldest place in Nevada soon!

There's one amazing state park that's vastly underrated, especially considering it signifies the oldest place in Nevada! Mormon Station State Historic Park is the definition of a hidden gem and it's a must-visit for any history-loving Nevadan.

Mormon Station State Historic Park can be found in the historic town of Genoa. The park is dedicated to preserving the history of the region that was home to Nevada's very first permanent non-native settlement, and it's absolutely amazing.

The park itself is situated in the heart of this charming town. Surrounded by lush greenery, mountain views, and beautiful scenery, it makes for a great place to spend a few hours just taking it all in.

However, the highlight of the park is the replicated 1850s-era fort. It's meant to resemble the very first trading post in the area, which was erected in the Carson Valley to aid those traveling west. Here, pioneers would stock up on supplies before heading into the intimidating landscape of the Sierra Nevadas.

Unfortunately, the original Mormon Station trading post burned to the ground in a 1910 fire. However, the reconstructed version is definitely worth appreciating. It's even home to a museum that is full of original pioneer artifacts found in the area.

The park also contains a handful of outdoor exhibits including a wagon shed and stockade which showcase the history of the Mormon Station. Picnic areas and gazebos are also placed throughout the park for visitors to sit and enjoy the lovely 2.5-acre monument.

This park may be small, but it represents an area that is arguably the most important in Nevada. Who knows what our state would look like today if it weren't for this little trading post? Visit it and prepare yourself for a spectacular trip back to oldest place in Nevada.

Entrance into Mormon Station State Historic Park is just $1. It is open from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. every day. Address: 2295 Main St, Genoa, NV 89411

Courtesy of OnlyInYourState

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