Study shows which Nevada ZIP codes have the highest and lowest poverty rates

LAS VEGAS (KSNV) — A study released by on Thursday that showed which zip codes in Nevada have the highest and lowest poverty rates, and rates from both ends of the spectrum are right here in the Las Vegas valley.

The study, which comes from data published by the U.S. Census Bureau, shows that while the state's poverty rate has fallen in the state overall, there are plenty of places in the valley that have a much higher poverty rate than its average of 13.0%.

Here are the 5 Zip Codes with the lowest poverty rates

  1. 89085 (North Las Vegas, NV): 0.7%

  2. 89413 (Glenbrook, NV): 1.3%

  3. 89045 (Round Mountain, NV): 1.4%

  4. 89318 (Mc Gill, NV): 1.7%

  5. 89310 (Austin, NV): 2.1%

Here are the 5 Zip Codes with the highest poverty rates

  1. 89427 (Schurz, NV): 41.5%

  2. 89421 (Mc Dermitt, NV): 39.7%

  3. 89106 (Las Vegas, NV): 33.1%

  4. 89030 (North Las Vegas, NV): 32.7%

  5. 89501 (Reno, NV): 32.3%

Courtesy of News 3 Las Vegas

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