The 10 Restaurants You’ll Want To Eat At In Nevada In 2020

With the New Year comes all kinds of resolutions. Ranging from picking up a new hobby to traveling the world, a lot of these resolutions boil down to trying new things whenever possible. We definitely think this is a good philosophy to adopt in 2020, especially when it comes to dining destinations. With so many amazing and unique restaurants to choose from, you shouldn’t have any problem picking out some to try this year. We even compiled a list of ten restaurants that should definitely be on your dining bucket list. Check them out below and click the links in the descriptions for more information on each restaurant.

1. The Ghost Town Cafe, Pioche

Hiding out in the tiny town of Pioche, the Ghost Town Cafe is the definition of a hidden gem. Opened by a founding member of the band Quiet Riot, Ghost Town Cafe is a unique mashup of both an art gallery and coffee shop cafe. It's a must-stop when you find yourself in this (living) ghost town. Read more about it here.

2. Bacon Bar, Las Vegas

C'mon, is there anything better than a restaurant that specializes in all-things-bacon? We didn't think so. Bacon Bar has won over our hearts with bacon-wrapped everything and even bacon-infused drinks. If you're a bacon lover, then you simply must try it out. Read more about it in our full article here.

3. GourMelt, Reno

Everybody loves an ooey-gooey grilled cheese sandwich, especially when paired with a hot bowl of tomato soup. GourMelt is a one-of-a-kind restaurant that's taking this childhood classic up a notch, and you'll want to be sure to stop by in 2020 if you haven't already. Read more about this grilled cheese paradise here.

4. The Pink House, Genoa

Looking for a side of state history with your meal? The Pink House won't disappoint! Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, The Pink House combines a unique and cozy atmosphere with elevated cuisine. Read all about this Nevada institution here.

5. Old Nevada Pizza, Hawthorne

Nevada is full of amazing pizzerias, but Old Nevada Pizza stands out from them all. This beloved pizza joint is a favorite among locals for their fresh-baked pizza and experimental flavors. Read more about this local pizza spot here.

6. Middlegate Station, Middlegate

Now, this restaurant definitely takes the cake for the most remote eatery on this list. However, it's well worth the trek all the way out to the tiny community of Middlegate. This rustic watering hole serves up a mighty fine burger and the rustic atmosphere looks like it's straight out of the Old West! Trust us, you'll love it. Read all about it here.

7. Casale’s Halfway Club, Reno

First opened in 1937, there's no denying that Casale's Halfway Club is a Nevada icon. Serving up authentic Italian cuisine in an Old World-style atmosphere, you simply haven't lived until you've eaten here at least once. If you haven't been here yet, you'll want to make it a priority in 2020. Read more about its history and what this historic eatery has to offer here.

8. Red's Old 395 Grill, Carson City

Craving a steak? Try out Red's Old 395 Grill, an eccentric steakhouse that's completely decked out in Western decor. It may look like it's from another century, but this restaurant serves up mouthwatering steak and barbecue dishes that will have you salivating from the moment you step through the door. Read more about it here.

9. Steve’s Homemade Ice Cream, Fernley

Although not technically a restaurant per se, we'd be remiss if we didn't include one of Nevada's fantastic ice cream shops on this list. Steve's Homemade Ice Cream, in particular, is definitely worth talking about. Famous for the ice cream that they make in-house, this shop is a must when you're craving a sweet treat! Check out our full article on Steve's here.

10. Cracker Box, Carson City

Last but not least, The Cracker Box embodies everything we love about those classic diners from a bygone era. From the nostalgic diner decor to the selection of classic American comfort food, this timeless restaurant is certainly worthy of a visit in 2020. Take a look at our full article on The Cracker Box here.

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