Hiking To This Remote Geological Wonder In Nevada Is Like Traveling To Another Planet

You never know what type of oddities you’ll come across when exploring Nevada’s endless deserts. Contrary to popular belief, our desert landscapes are incredibly fascinating. Filled with odd geological wonders and breathtaking scenery, exploring these landscapes sometimes feels like traveling to another planet. This hike is no exception. Leading you straight to one of the most mind-boggling (and photogenic) natural wonders, this trail will leave you in complete awe of what Mother Nature is capable of.

Considered the oldest and largest state park in Nevada, Valley of Fire State Park is definitely one of the most iconic destinations in the state. It's here you'll find some of the most amazing geological wonders, including the awe-inspiring Fire Wave.

The hike to the Fire Wave is short and sweet, and the payoff at the end is gigantic. Known as a photographer's dream, it's likely you've already seen the Fire Wave in photographs. However, nothing compares to seeing it with your own eyes.

Once an unmarked location, the Fire Wave hike has become one of the most popular destinations in this remote state park. After all, the trek to this geologic oddity is nice and easy at only 1.5-miles out-and-back.

To find the trail, you'll head to parking lot #3 on Mouse's Tank Road. Although equipped with plenty of parking spaces, there are no restrooms or other amenities so be sure to come prepared. Pack lots of water, snacks, and anything else you may need.

The trail starts off nice and sandy before transitioning to a landscape of sandstone. Follow the rock cairns which will lead you straight to the breathtaking sandstone formation known as the Fire Wave.

Once you see it, you'll instantly understand why it received its name. The giant formation boasts the most beautiful red, white, and pink swirls. It truly resembles a wave made of fire! Climbing on it is definitely a trippy experience, to say the least.

Although the area is quite popular, the Fire Wave feels wonderfully remote. Here you can really take in the tranquil beauty and the bizarre landscapes that Valley of Fire State Park has to offer.

Seeing this geological wonder is a must for any Nevadan. Just be sure to come prepared, and don't forget the camera. The Fire Wave is a unique sight you'll never want to forget.

Look at a trail map for the Fire Wave hike here. Please keep in mind that this hike is only recommended during the cooler months of the year. There is little to no shade on the trail, and summer temperatures are known to peak at well over 100 degrees. Be safe, and save this trail for a day when the weather will comply.

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