These Apps Will Help You Keep Up With Friends and Family in Quarantine

For most families and friends groups, the separation experienced over the last few weeks has been challenging to say the least. While we may not be able to connect physically, there are thankfully plenty of ways to connect virtually.

If you’re looking for a fun way to stay in touch with loved ones, download these apps today. Some even offer built-in games so you can stay entertained for hours while you’re spending time at home.


This app can be downloaded on Apple and Android devices, as well as macOS and through a Google Chrome browser. It’s perfect for friend groups, as it can support up to 8 callers at once, and includes a game to test your trivia knowledge, a card game similar to the ever-popular Cards Against Humanity, Heads UP!, and a Pictionary-style game. TIP: if you don’t want the app to pull your contacts from your phone, Facebook, or Snapchat, be sure to deny the app access.

Facebook Messenger

If you weren’t already aware of the video chat feature in the Facebook Messenger app, it’s an easy way to connect. Like Houseparty, you can bring up to 8 people on to chat, and if you have older relatives who might be unsure of downloading another app, the good news is they likely already have this one—whether they know it or not.


If everyone in your group has an Apple device, Facetime is probably the next easiest option for communicating, as it’s an app built right into your phone or computer. Recent versions of the app offer fun add-ons like the ability to change your appearance with filters and even replace your own face with your Memoji (the emoji version of yourself that you can customize).


No, zoom isn’t just reserved for work calls—you can use it to chat with friends and family, too! The app can be downloaded on any computer device or cell phone, and it accommodates more people than any other up (up to 100!) so if you have a particularly large circle, you won’t have to worry about excluding anyone.

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