National Homeownership Month

June is National Homeownership Month, a time to reflect on the impact owning a home has on household wealth, neighborhood stability and the nation’s broader economic health.

Never before has HOME become more important.  Our homes have turned into our offices, our schools, our playgrounds, our entertainment venues and for those that love to cook, our place for gourmet dining.  My pizza has gotten so good I may open a Pizzeria after this LOL.

We've all been looking for activities and projects to do in our homes.  We've all cleaned out the clutter, organized everything we possibly can and given our homes a fresh updates.  Have you seriously seen the crowds at Home Depot!!

The saying "Home is Where the Heart Is" has never been more true.

All the best,

Sandy & Glen

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Coming Soon.......1/2 acre with Guest House & Pool

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