We’ve made it past J-hot-ly  and Au-ful-gust.  The hottest months of the Las Vegas year are behind us.  I’m eagerly awaiting the two weeks of perfect weather that we normally get, then comes the cool months and the holidays.

On the Covid front, our kids have been getting familiar with the new school programs and methods.  There were some painful moments, but overall not too bad.  My hair had grown for about six months.  We had clippers delivered and Sandy cut my hair for the first time.  It turned out pretty good.  She may have a 2nd job in her future.

Real estate keeps on marching along. Inventory is still down.  Interest rates are still down too.  If you want to know how the Covid market has affected your home’s value, ask us to do a free market analysis.  A look at your home’s value may give you some reassurance in this crazy time.

Wash your hands,

Glen and Sandy

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